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About Akluj

        Akluj is a town in Solapur district, Maharashtra, India.Akluj was earlier known for its large trade in cotton, which has almost disappeared at present.

        Akluj is politically, historically and economically very strong place in Solapur district. It has good background of sugar industries and trading activities. It is agriculturally rich. It is Richest Grampanchayat in Asia. Also is it one of the largest Grampanchayat in Maharashtra. Hon Ex Deputy CM of Maharashtra Shri. Vijaysinh Shankarrao Mohite-Patil from this village.

        The name Akluj is believed to be derived from ‘Shri Akalai Devi’ which is Gram Daiwat of Akluj. In Moghal period it was also known as Asadnagar. We can see the land fort in Akluj. It was built by Yadav king Raja Singhan in the 13th century. Evidence shows that, after Yadavas it was ruled by Mughals and Britishers. Aurangjeb’s Subhedar for south named Bahaddurkhan appointed Shaikh Ali as a chief official of the Akluj fort in 1673 and Ranmastkhan was appointed as a chief Thanedar in 1675. Evidences also shows that in 1679 Dilerkhan and Chhatrpati Sambhaji Maharaj stayed in the fort of Akluj for 4 months. Bajirao Peshwa II was also stayed for three months in this fort, when he was dismissed from Peshwai by Britishers in 1802. When Maharaja Sambhaji was trapped by Mughals in 1689, Mughal Sardar traveled through Akluj. All these incident shows that from medivial period, Akluj was important & famous as historical place.